We understand the importance of smooth handling of stock and materials is to your business.  We also recognize that there is no single perfect solution when it comes to materials handling equipment.  

Packaging & Shipping Supplies
We have an excellent assortment of packaging &Shipping supplies, including:
•    Shipping Boxes, Mailers, Poly Bags & Envelopes
•    Packaging Material
•    Stretch wrap, Strapping, Labels & Tags

Shipments must be properly packed to ensure damage-free transportationwith ordinary care in handling.The proper packaging of goods for transportation requires a good understandingof the product and distribution environment. It also requiresknowledge of packaging materials, experience and patience. Understandingand following these packaging pointers can help you ensure damage-freefreight movement.
All air freight packages must be properly labeled per the Terms and Conditions of Contract. Each piece must be legibly and durably marked with the name and address, including correct ZIP code of the shipper and consignee. If a package is reused, all old labels, tags, markings, etc., must be removed, and the container must still retain adequate strength for transportation. Failure to follow these basic requirements can result in the denial of a cargo claim. Handling labels should be highly visible and, with few exceptions, on all sides of the package. This can reduce the chances that a package is flipped, rolled or tumbled in search of shipping labels. It is recommended that both pictorial markings and text be used for each of the special handling requirements.

Stretch Wrapping
Stretch wrapping is a common and effective method of keeping all pieces of a shipment together, increasing the chances of damage-free, on-time delivery. However, 70 percent of all wrapped shipments are incorrectly wrapped. The stretch wrap should first be applied around the pallet and continued around the load and upward. Do not wrap only the cartons or load. Stretch wrap is designed to stabilize the load, not secure it to the pallet, so strapping should be used in conjunction with stretch wrap to secure the load.